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M8 Coin Counter / CheckerM8 Coin Counter / Checker

This Coin Counter & Checker Features: Coin Selection Select any coin individually, or use in "float" mode where system moves through denominations. Totals Gives total coin quantity and value, also sub total and grand total. Accuracy Can count loose coins, bagged coin in plastic bags and bulk coin (bullion) to individual coin accuracy. Upgradeable Can ...

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M90 Friction Feed Note CounterM90 Friction Feed Note Counter

This Note Counter Features: Speed High speed accuracy at 1,000 notes per minute. Batching Can batch in preset quantities from 1 - 999. Dual Display Twin displays for batch and grand total of notes counted. Rugged Construction To give long life operation at a very keen price. Portability A fold away carry handle is a standard feature, to allow ease ...

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M10 Coin CounterM10 Coin Counter

This Coin Counter Features: Two Counting Modes Normal counting mode: all coins in the hopper will be continuously counted. Batch counting mode: allows coins to be batched in preset quantities. Simple Operation Two independent adjustments for coin diameter and thickness make the M10 universal. The conveniently designed function keys provide worry-free operation. An easy to read ...

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TM300A Coin Counter & SorterTM300A Coin Counter & Sorter

This Coin Counter & Sorter Features: Sorts and Counts Processes large quantity of coin by denomination, separating each coin into individual draws. Operation Simple operation sorts into eight drawers with a ninth drawer for rejected coins. Options Available with integral printer and/or larger hopper. Advanced Technology Reliable detection and sorting of ...

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