M8 Coin Counter / Checker

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M8 Coin Counter / Checker
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This Coin Counter & Checker Features:

Coin Selection

Select any coin individually, or use in "float" mode where system moves through denominations.


Gives total coin quantity and value, also sub total and grand total.


Can count loose coins, bagged coin in plastic bags and bulk coin (bullion) to individual coin accuracy.


Can easily be upgraded to count Euro, new coin issues or another country's coins.


We calculate 12-15 minutes saved over manual counting / balancing of a till.

Technical Information:

Weighing capacity: 8kg or up to max bulk bag weight for all UK/Euro coins Size of goods pan: 240 x 170mm

Dimensions: D 310 x W 245 x H 100mm

Weight: 3.25kg

Change in coin weights: Via keyboard, or can be changed via new microchip.

Power supply: 12v 120ma (power adapter supplied).