TM300A Coin Counter & Sorter

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TM300A Coin Counter & Sorter
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This Coin Counter & Sorter Features:

Sorts and Counts

Processes large quantity of coin by denomination, separating each coin into individual draws.


Simple operation sorts into eight drawers with a ninth drawer for rejected coins.


Available with integral printer and/or larger hopper.

Advanced Technology

Reliable detection and sorting of foreign or "dud" coins.

Build Quality

Robust and durable for uninterupted use and minimised service costs.


Easily set batch quantities to assist in banking preparation.

Technical Information

Sorting Capacity: Up to 9 hoppers including a reject hopper.

Standard Hopper Capacity: 3,500 coins.

Sorting Speed: 600 coins/minute.

Dimensions: D 300 x W 700 x H 470mm.

Weight: 40kg.

Power supply: 240v 30w