Easy Access Acrylic Pocket - Landscape.

Acrylic Pockets And Poster Holders

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Easy Access Acrylic Pocket - Landscape.
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A1 Landscape (841 x 594mm) Acrylic pocket
A2 Landscape (594 x 420mm) Acrylic Pocket
A3 Landscape (420 x 297mm) Acrylic Pocket
A4 Landscape (297 x 210mm) Acrylic Pocket
A5 Landscape (210 x 148mm) Acrylic Pocket

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Quick and easy to change your display - simply slide posters in and out.

Material: 3mm thick (A4 & A5 2mm thick) clear acrylic with polished edges.

Display centres:

A5: cable centre 244mm, rod centre 248mm.
A4: cable centre 331mm, rod centre 335mm.
A3: cable centre 454mm, rod centre 458mm.
A2: cable centre 628mm, rod centre 632mm.
A1: cable centre 875mm, rod centre 879mm.

A1 and A2 are supplied with top clips as standard. Remember to order the correct panel clamps with your acrylic pockets.