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Draw the eye to small valuable products with floating acrylic cubes suspended from cables to create powerful semi-secure presentations. Low-voltage lighting greatly enhances the impact of the display and helps to increase sales.

The kit consists of a set of three acrylic cubes with their own integrated lighting. These cubes are suspended on cables which can be fixed between floor and ceiling. You can also choose cubes with an acrylic pocket at the back, into which a small poster can be dropped in order to enhance the display or to promote special offers.

Included in all kits:

3 x Display cubes:
Material: 3mm thick acrylic, with option of 2mm thick 'U' shaped pocket. Clear front side and satin sides and top, with removable lid with hole for lighting.
Dimensions: 300mm high x 300mm wide x 250mm deep. 150mm cable centres.

24 x CS13 Panel Support:
Material: Brass with satin chrome finish.
Dimensions: 23.5mm long, 16mm diameter.

3 x LM64C Straight Light with mini-lamp head for 384mm diagonal centres supplied with 20 watt - 35mm diameter lamps.

1 x LT60-12 Transformer.

2 x CS08 Power Connectors:
Material: Brass with satin chrome finish.
Dimensions: 12mm long, 12mm diameter.

4 x PC01/1 Top Isolators:
Material: Black nylon.

4 x SP/IS Bottom Isolators:
Material: White nylon.

4 x CA4 Cables:
Material: Galvanised steel.
Dimensions: 1.5mm thick, 4m long.

Top / Bottom fixings for Cables:

Material: Brass with satin chrome finish.
Dimensions: top fixing 16mm diameter, bottom fixing 15mm diameter.