A3 Cold Cathode Light Box Countertop Unit

Cold Cathode Light Boxes

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A3 Cold Cathode Light Box Countertop Unit
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An excellent compact unit that is easily moveable.

This A3 Cold Cathode Light Box is supported by and powered via 6mm diameter stainless steel legs that fold flat for easy transport. The Light Box will take standard A3 posters, backlit inkjet prints or duratrans.

The Light Box kit comes ready to use with a 50 watt 12 volt transformer connected to the supporting legs, and a 3 metre mains lead with a 3 pin plug.

-completely even spread of light which eliminates shadows
-invisible power supply, no ugly wires
-very light weight (only 30mm thick!)
-extremely long lamp life up to 50,000hrs (approximately 5 years)
-single or double-sided options
-suspend portrait or landscape
-use standard paper posters up to 90gsm or inkjet prints
-low energy and economical
-brightness of 2000 lux.


Light Box Dimensions520mm W x 400mm H x 25mm D
Light Box Poster Size420mm W x 297mm H
Light Box Viewing Area418mm W x 296mm H
Legs450mm H x 165mm D
Display Width544mm