A1 Silver XtraLite Kit for Cables

Cold Cathode Light Boxes

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A1 Silver XtraLite Kit  for Cables
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Light diffusion technology makes ultra-slim Xtralite extra bright, which combined with the frameless look creates a unique floating appearance.

Light passes through the panel from both top and bottom, giving a completely even spread of light which eliminates shadows. Low-voltage Xtralite is cool running with an invisible power supply, so no ugly wires.

Supplied complete with 2 x CA4 4m cables with ceiling and floor fixings, 4 x CS03 supports, 2 x CS08 power connectors, 1 x LT60-12 60va 12v transformer, 2 x PC01/I top isolators and 2 x SP/IS bottom isolators.

Uses standard A1 paper posters up to 135gsm. Can be used double or single-sided.


Light Box Dimensions942mm h x 598mm W x 45mm D
Distance Between Cables628mm