4 x A4 LED Light Pocket Kit

LED Light Pocket Kits

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4 x A4 LED Light Pocket Kit
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† Portrait or Landscape

Key benefits of illuminated poster kits:

•Incredibly slim display - light box width is only 14mm thick so can be presented in any window or interior without taking up a lot of floor space.

•Intrigue - The Light Pocket has an edge lit glow that creates intrigue and draws the eye from a distance to the illuminated poster display.

•Appearance - The illuminated poster display has a very upmarket appearance yet is competitively priced.

•Even spread of light - The LED light box presents an even spread of light, no dark shadows appear ensuring that your graphic is crisp and punchy.

•Bright light - LED lighting is used which is extremely bright. Using this type of display lighting grabs the attention of passers-by. Ideal for lighting up dark areas/corridors.

•Maintenance free - lamp life is between 60-100,000 hours - no need to change lamps or tubes, saving time and money.

•Energy efficient & economical - The illuminated posters uses a fraction of electricity compared with standard light boxes.

•Easy to change graphics - Graphics can be changed within seconds.

•Affordable posters/graphics - works well with back lit inkjet prints and 90gsm paper (without water marks).

Overall a competitively priced illuminated display that is fully guaranteed. Ideal for many types of environments - estate agents, spa’s and beauty salons, hotels, bars and restaurants, reception areas and many more.

Please click here to download the LED Light Pocket Brochure (1.29MB)