Twin Container Order Picking Trolley

Order Picking Trolleys

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Twin Container Order Picking Trolley
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This great order picking trolley comes with two removable strong platsic baskets, and the trolley is zinc plated steel for durability, so they look great too.

The trolley comes with the two baskets included in the price but you can order additional baskets for £30.50 each should you require them.

Capacity: 240 kg

Platform Size: 800 x 600 mm

Overall Dimensions:

Bed Heights: 220/820 mm

Handle Height: 1000 mm

Rear Meshed area: 200 x 600 x 600

Wheels: 125mm dia Grey Rubber (lockable castors available)

Trolley Weight: 40 kg

The basket are 600mm long x 400mm wide x 300mm deep and can safely carry 15Kg.

Boots the Chemist us these very trolleys for their distribution online sales warehouses! Normal delivery times 5-7 working days.