Trolley Shopping Basket Blue 55 Litre 10-Pack

Plastic Shopping Baskets

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Trolley Shopping Basket Blue 55 Litre 10-Pack
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This strong but very light 55 litre shopping trolley basket has a single handle to pull the basket along and 4 grip holds so it can be picked up from all sides.

Price & Packed In 10's.

The 55L has an extra-reinforced rib base which is completely flat allowing for goods to be stacked easily inside. The pull along handle adapts to different user heights and the grip is rounded making this an ergonomic basket.

The castors are of a high quality with 2 fixed and 2 swivel, therefore the basket manoeuvres easily without tipping and can hold up to 40kg.

Dimensions: 590 x 490 x 452H mm Capacity: 55L