Disabled Shopping Trolley - 62 Litre

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Disabled Shopping Trolley - 62 Litre
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With an ever growing ageing population comes the inevitable growth of those in wheel chairs needing wheelchair shopping trolley. Win business and comply with disability legislation with this great wheelchair shopping trolley!

The back of the basket opens to ease the loading of products.

Stable design, double ball bearing castor head provides easy manoeuvrability, even when fully loaded.

Subject to a flat-rate delivery charge of £12.50 per order (single drop, UK mainland only).

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All our 4 wheel shopping trolley options are manufactured from high quality materials in accordance with European Standards UNE EN 10016. Steel wire thickness, dependent upon where it is used, ranges in thickness from 3 to 14mm diameter.

Our shopping trolley UK range have a standard joint weld penetrations averaging 15% .


Our shopping cart trolley come with a rebust and very durable zinc coating. The electrolytic zinc treatment applied in a layer 10 to 20 microns thick, they are then electrstatically coated with 60 to 80 microns of clear polyester polmerised at 200 degrees C. Far better than rust prone chinese imported shopping trolleys.

Chemical Resistance

All of our shopping trolleys on wheels are have been tested and have a chemical resistance to:

Salt spray: > 700 Hours

Moisture test chamber: > 1000 Hours

Distilled water inmersion (40Degree C): >700 hours

Ergonomics and Comfort

The wheeled shopping trolley options we stock all comply with all comfort and ergonomic requirements within Standards UNE EN 1929-1, and we like to think each supermarket trolley is a funky shopping trolley!


Every shopping trolley cart has a galvanised high quality steel tube including lateral inserts to stop the handle rotating.

Personalised screen-print shopping trolley handles are available on the handles with a polycarbonate sleeve covering the handle for protection.

High strength side moldings, made of PVC with lateral ribbing to engage the handle and fitted with screws create a jojn between the handle and the trolley.

Please do not forget that John Ellis Shop Equipment are experts in all trolleys, light weight trolleys, childrens trolleys with seats and can manufacture and supply shopping trolley UK range throught the country and overseas for export!


FinishBright Zinc Plated
WheelsNon-Marking Solid Rubber Tyred - Three Swivel
Capacity62 Litres