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 Supermarket Shelving -Single Sided Wall Bay
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Starter Bay
1-4 bays
Starter Bay
5 or more bays
Follow-on Bay
1-4 bays
Follow-on bay
5 or more items

* Price on application. Please contact us for more details.
† Starter or Follow-on Bay
‡ Price Structure

A single sided wall bay is ideal for wall perimeter shelving and is adaptable for multiple shop environments.

Bays supplied in widths of 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1250mm widths and can easily be joined together. Please ask for a quotation. Download Our Supermarket & Shop Shelving Brochure (takes around 30 second to download) for additional information and assembly instructions: (It takes around 30 seconds to download):

Click Here For Supermarket & Shop Shelving Brochure


Strong and versatile Quick and easy to assemble Available in a variety of sizes

USEFUL INFORMATION Please note Uprights 30, 60 & 80mm in depth are supplied 10mm longer than specified i.e. a 2200mm Upright is supplied at 2210mm in length.

Remember to allow for foot adjustment when calculating ceiling heights. If using a Baseleg you need to deduct 100mm off the Upright height, i.e. 2100mm Upright including baseleg would leave 2000mm of back panel requirement. Please see below to the back panel configurations for all Upright heights.

To create a follow on bay you will need another Upright and the next bay will share the Upright from the previous bay.

Instead of using a Plinth, there is the option to use a Base Drawer Unit that gives you added storage underneath the bay. The Base Drawer is available in two sizes; 1000x370 and 1000x470.

PVC Top Caps and Gondola Covers can be used to finish the bay.

Ticket Moulding and Plinth colours can be matched on to the bay and available in several colours; Jura White, Silver, Dark Grey, Blue, Green, Red and Black.

We offer 2 and 3 hook brackets that give you the opportunity to adjust the shelves to sit at different angles on the bay. 2 hook brackets in 200, 250, 300 and 370mm depths can be adjusted to a 20 or 35 degree angle. 470/2 Hook brackets can only be adjusted to 20 degrees. 3 Hook brackets can be adjusted to 10 and 20 degrees but you cannot use a U-channel with the 3 Hook brackets.

Perforated and Slatwall Back Panels can be used on the bay.

This bay is available in Jura and Silver.