Motorised Checkout Counter INNSV

Motorised Checkout Counters

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Motorised Checkout Counter INNSV
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This high quality and heavy duty Motorised Checkout Counter with loading area belt and packing basin features a foot pedal for manual control, along with Magic Eye system for automated movement of items on the Counter. These motorised checkout counters are available in a variety of sizes as shown below:

Model: INNSV170 Length: 1700mm x Belt 700mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 650mm.

Model: INNSV200 Length: 2000mm x Belt 700mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 950mm.

Model: INNSV230 Length: 2300mm x Belt 1000mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 950mm.

Model: INNSV260 Length: 2600mm x Belt 1300mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 950mm.

Model: INNSV290 Length: 2900mm x Belt 1600mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 950mm.

Model: INNSV320 Length: 3200mm x Belt 1600mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 1250mm.

Model: INNSV350 Length: 3500mm x Belt 1900mm x Scanner 350mm x Bagging 950mm.

Standard front and back panel finish on this product is light grey (RAL 7035). Other panel finishes are available:

Light Grey

RAL 7035 ...

Traffic Red

RAL 3020

Pastel Orange

RAL 2003

Zinc Yellow

RAL 1018

Traffic Blue

RAL 5017

Yellow Green

RAL 6018 ...

Turquoise Blue

RAL 5018

Iron Grey

RAL 7011

White Aluminium

RAL 9006

These units are prewired ready for use. When you place your order we will contact you for details on your scanner, cash drawers, the colour required and if any accessories are needed.

4-6 weeks lead time. For smaller models delivery can be made by tail lift to the door only, however for larger models a lorry with a crane or a forklift will be required, and a additional delivery charge will apply. For supply overseas please enquire.

Please note:
All of our counters are manufactured as specials. Due to this we cannot give refunds or exchanges if the item is unsuitable. Please condsider this before you order.

Please also note:
None of the checkout counters come with any till/EPOS system/scales included. We can cut each checkout to take a scanner - but at a small additional charge, to allow it to be surface mounted.