Original Range 15 Bucket Stand With Canopy

Flower Stands - Original Range

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Original Range 15 Bucket Stand With Canopy
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Please Note: Canopies are available on the CP5, 12, 14, 17, 50 Maxi Ranges. Please enquire for prices.

15 bucket stand with canopy. Please be aware that the canopy will not protect the flowers from rain/sun or wind, it's will only have a miminal effect. The canopy is mainly to improve the look of the stand and your display.

Carriage charges apply. Quantity discounts available - please enquire! All prices exclude 20% VAT. Buckets included

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Please note:
All of our Flower Stands are manufactured as specials. Due to this we cannot give refunds or exchanges if the item is unsuitable. Please consider this before you order.


Width1755mm (69'')
Depth740mm (29'')
Height1120mm (44'')